MULU穆禄 December Fortnightly Menu

MULU穆禄 team has specially designed two setsof winter menus for the guests, which will last for two weeks.

Menu A: Our carefully selected grain-fed Black Angus rib-eye steak is a must try!

Menu B: An interesting combo between Southeast Asian flavor and that of Uyghur. Our braised lamb with cumin rice makes everyone drools.

As winter is approaching, we assure you ultimatewarmth at MULU穆禄.

PS: MULU穆禄 has concurrently also designed a two-month special menu --- Seafood Medley for December 2013 and January 2014. Reservation is required 2~3 days in advance.

为了迎接冬天的到来,MULU穆禄 精心设计了两套维持两周的冬季菜单。

Menu A:以西餐风味为主,喜欢吃牛排的朋友一定要试。我们选用了上等安格斯黑牛肋眼

Menu B:灵巧的搭配了以东南亚搭西域风味的菜色。慢炖羊腿让人不禁馋涎欲滴。



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