MULU before & after

After much requests from many people, our team decided to reveal the "Before" photos of MULU穆禄. Our team has enjoyed every moment of the process in rebuilding this old architecture. It was not an easy process, especially since it involved a lot of consideration on the imperfect foundation of the old structure, and incorporating the idea to build the new structure akin to the holiday palace of the ancient prince, using the traditional skills. 80% of the structure was built from reclaimed wood pieces and stones. The entire process took about 4 months, without proper drawings--- purely based on rough sketch, imagination and team spirit. Our sincere gratitude goes to AHE team led by Wang Yong, for making MULU穆禄 possible. Xinsi Hutong has since become quite interesting with the addition of MULU穆禄 architecture, which some people also refer as "the courtyard with culture and substance".


No 7. Xinsi Hutong, Dongsi Shiertiao Alley, Doncheng District, Beijing, China 100007
东城区 / 东四十二条 / 辛寺胡同 7 号
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