The Health Benefits of Green Peas

三月份MULU穆禄把当季盛出的豌豆作为主打汤。加入薄荷叶煮出来的豌豆浓汤不但清爽更展现了英式风格的家乡味。 人们很少会想到豌豆的营养成份;其大部分人会想到它的甜度和浓度。作为环保植物之一,豌豆含有一系列健康保健的多营养成份 (polynutrients)。其中一种称为拟雌内酯(coumestrol)的多酚素(polyphenol),也是最近受到很多预防胃癌研究专家们关注的成份。墨西哥的一项研究显示每天摄取豌豆和其他豆类视频可以有效减低胃癌机率。一杯豌豆含有10mg的拟雌内酯,是有益身体的。除此之外,豌豆是高纤维植物,里面所含有的多营养成份,也有抗氧化和消炎功能。高纤维和蛋白质使它可以有效调解血糖。尽管青豆是一个非常低脂肪的食物(每杯总脂肪约三分之一克),它却含有的脂肪和脂溶性营养素。最近的研究显示,青豆还含有ω-3脂肪酸中α-亚麻酸(ALA)。一杯青豆含有30毫克的ALA和大约130毫克的基本ω-6脂肪酸,亚油酸。


This March, MULU穆禄 has introduced green pea soup as its soup of the month as it was the season for the freshest green peas with a hint of mint.

In fact, green peas have been largely overlooked as a health-supporting food. Being an environmentally friendly food, green peas contains a unique assortment of health-protective polynutrients.

One of these phytonutrients—a polyphenol called coumestrol--has recently come to the forefront of research with respect to stomach cancer protection. A Mexico City-based study has shown that daily consumption of green peas along with other legumes lowers risk of stomach cancer (gastric cancer). One cup of green peas contains at least 10 milligrams of coumestrol, thus enable us to ob obtain this remarkable health benefit.

The unique phytonutrients in green peas also provide us with key antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Included in these phytonutrients are some recently-discovered green pea phytonutrients called saponins. The strong fiber and protein content also helps to better regulate the breakdown of starch, thus our blood sugar can stay steadier.

Even though green peas are an extremely low-fat food (with approximately one-third gram of total fat per cup) the type of fat and fat-soluble nutrients they contain is impressive. Recent research has shown that green peas are a reliable source of omega-3 fats in the form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). In one cup of green peas, you can expect to find about 30 milligrams of ALA. About 130 milligrams of the essential omega-6 fatty acid, linoleic acid, can also be found in a cup of green peas. This very small but high-quality fat content of green peas helps provide us with important fat-soluble nutrients from this legume, including sizable amounts of beta-carotene and small but valuable amounts of vitamin E.

Now everyone should start looking at green peas differently! Researchers suggested that it is health beneficial to consume at least 3 cups of legumes including green peas weekly.



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