Enjoy Italiano Feast in the old hutong!

With the addition of MULU穆禄 this year, Xinsi Hutong, one of the oldest hutongs in Beijing, seems rather romantic this year, especially in the evening. Even with the cold dry breeze outside, it feels pretty neat to be sitting at MULU穆禄 open roof top garden, sipping a hot latte while watching the stars up above. It felt as though returning to Venezia, sitting on the gondola, gazing the starry sky, enjoying the lovely night view, while humming the rhythms floating everywhere. Super relaxing and felt so beautiful! Whoever said Love like the Italians?!

With this feeling still remains, MULU穆禄 team has specially designed a two-day Italian night menu, which would make each guest feels absolutely in cloud nine. The dinners will be held on December 13 and 14, 2013 ONLY.

Call today to secure a reservation and enjoy the candlelight in your favorite room! Grazie Mille~




No 7. Xinsi Hutong, Dongsi Shiertiao Alley, Doncheng District, Beijing, China 100007
东城区 / 东四十二条 / 辛寺胡同 7 号
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