MULU穆禄 early spring March Menu

With February being fun-filled festive month, MULU穆禄 only offered bespoken menu for that auspicious month. As spring is around the corner with blossoming blooms, MULU穆禄 has designed the early spring March menu, incorporating the elements in Chinese medicine for the well-being of its guests. In Chinese medicine philospphy, spring is the season to rejuvenate the liver.

For bespoken and tailor-made menu/event, please call 2~3 days in advance to secure a table, and MULU穆禄 team shall design the menu together with you. For reservation, please call 010-6400 3627 or email:


需要私人订制菜单的客人请提前2~3天联系MULU穆禄团队预约。预定电话:010-6400 3627; 邮箱

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