MULU穆禄 Monthly Event: meetMe@MULU

MULU穆禄 endeavors to make the Year of Horse everyday a Valentine's. Feeling difficult to meet people even in a big city like Beijing? Tired of the clubs and pubs scene? Uncomfortable about meeting people through online chats and personals? There must be a better way to meet potential special someone in Beijing!

Come sign up meetMe@MULU - a monthly event on the third Friday of the month, offering singles the chance to get acquainted in the coutryard with Qing Dynasty elements, over an exquisite yet cozy cocktail. What wonderful event to go to after work and to welcome the pleasant weekend~

This March's meetMe@MULU event falls on March 21, 2014. Sign up now for space is limited!

RMB388/pax with one glass of wine; 3 glasses of wine add RMB100; unlimited serving add RMB288.

Sign up by sending us email or on wechat@ MULU777

MULU穆禄致力打造天天情人节的概念。即使在北京这样若大的城市也会很难遇到心仪的对象吗?厌倦酒吧夜生活?不适应网上交友或单独见面?希望改变这一切马上有对象?!【禄凝香荟】是MULU穆禄每个月第三周周五的定期单身活动。马上报名参与【禄凝香荟】;下班后来MULU穆禄认识新朋友,欣赏北京胡同里具有清代小王府小格调的低奢内小院 、享受温馨鸡尾酒会并迎接美好的周末。



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