MULU's organic farm

At MULU穆禄, one of our mottos is to provide the healthiest and the safest foods to our guests. As such, MULU穆禄 has commissioned an organic farm of 800m2 just outside of Beijing, at Xiaotangshan town in Changping District to grow organic vegetables and fruits with no chemicals; only natural fertilizers are used. The farm is fully managed by MULU穆禄 team to ensure quality and environment sustainability. Xiaotangshan town has a history of over 1500 years, and has been rated to be one of the eco-friendliest towns in China. Currently we have huge chinese cabbage, radish that is so sweet, cilantro, baby bakchoy, collard greens, crown daisies, spinach, strawberries etc. We grow various vegetables based on seasons to ensure the best to be served on the table. Here, you will see rabbits, chicken and geese running around, living peacefully together. At MULU穆禄, we care!


No 7. Xinsi Hutong, Dongsi Shiertiao Alley, Doncheng District, Beijing, China 100007
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