Neptune Feast from December 2013 thru January 2014

Winter is the best time to enjoy fresh seafood. Weoffer airflown fresh seafood from France, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S, Scandinavia and more! To celebrate ablessed winter, MULU has designed a Neptune Feast menu which is sure to amaze all seafood lovers out there!

Guests have the choice option of Boston lobster series or Australian lobster series (the latter will be one of the biggest in Beijing!), in which also includes sashimi, French oyster which is consumed during Christmas and New Year period in France, mussels and other premium seafood, carefully selected by our team.

MULU穆禄 Neptune Feast special event lasts for two months: December 2013 through January 2014

Call two days ahead to secure a table as everything will be guaranteed fresh daily!

PS: Remember to ask for our selection of premium wine to go with the feast!





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