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MULU culinary team comprises of the most passionate people from various background and nationalities. Please allow us to take you on a journey to the ultimate culinary experience in Beijing, serving the one and only hutong cuisine in China.


Chef Tiff 董大厨 | Restaurateur & Chef

Chef Kai 凯大厨 | Restaurateur & Chef

Jasmine K. 保萱 | Founder & Inspirer

Chef Tiff is recognized as one of the few best female chefs in Beijing. She is the oil in the MULU gear works- she makes sure that everything in the kitchen works in pristine order. Prior to honing her skills in Western cuisine, she was the first female teppanyaki chef in Toronto where she grew up. With more than 20 years of experience in various 5-star hotels such as Fairmont and Westin in North America and Beijing, Chef Tiff has attained a unique "savoir faire". She joined MULU as a partner where she can present her culinary talent spanning from Japanese to Western dishes sprinkling some local flavors and elements, giving birth to hutong cuisine, the one and only in China, and will sure give you a global gastronomic experience like none before. She looks forward to planting huge smiles on MULU guests as they partake in her meticulously prepared dishes of love. Remember to ask for Chef Tiff's laksa risotto which will blow you away.

董大厨是北京少见的女大厨,并且有着20多年在厨房经验,不但是西餐创意菜高手也是日式料理大厨。她正是加拿大多伦多第一位女铁板烧师傅。加入穆禄之前董大厨在费尔蒙以及威斯汀当任厨师长。如今,她加入穆禄当任的合伙人之一并掌管厨房一切。处女座的她喜欢每一样东西都做到最完美,这也很自然的就呈现在她所设计的每一道菜里。说起胡同创意菜这个名字,其实在想怎么定位重装后的MULU穆禄是,她说就hutong cuisine吧!太好的名字啦~董大厨以她的国际背景,加上东西方菜系的经验,将为客人设计每次有惊喜、独特的胡同创意菜。

Happy-go-lucky Chef Kai is another oil in the MULU gear works. With the passion for creating original dishes like none before, he joins MULU as a partner and restaurateur to further develop hutong cuisine. Chef Kai was Irish-trained in hospitality management and owns a Masters degree in International Business. His culinary experience started in Dublin, and upon his return to China in 2010, he helped set up Capital M and East Beijing Hotel's restaurants where he was the senior sous chef. In 2014, his team won first in CCTV 2's Master Chef competition. He has also been selected as the infamous BBC Channel's food consultant for their food discovery documentary in China. Chef Kai is not just a chef with eyes for details in plating but his love for food is vivid. He is ready anytime to take every guest stroll the hutong to find the finest and most comfortable hutong dining in MULU - the ultimate culinary experience in Beijing.

凯大厨,也被很多业界以刘师傅称呼。他是2014年CCTV2厨王争霸中为团队拿下第一名。留学爱尔兰,取得酒店管理硕士,却喜爱下厨。所以他涉入餐饮业也是从爱尔兰开始。2010年回中国后便协助北京知名的Capital M餐厅经营以及加入北京东禺酒店担任副行政主厨。一见到凯便知道他对美食热爱极致,而且注重细节。他最爱意大利风格的菜系。他也为BBC当任探索美食纪录片的顾问。他最想呈现给客人的就是如何把每天采购的最新鲜的食材做到极致,并且给客人surprise。为了可以把自己的创意不受限制的发挥出来,他加入穆禄作为合伙人之一。

An avid painter, cook and nature lover, Jasmine’s passion for food, culture and the arts, combined with her relentless drive to enhance the China-Malaysia and China-ASEAN cross-cultural relationship, has inspired her to found MULU. MULU is also very personal and dear to her, and is dedicated to her mother, Mui, who is her spiritual mentor and love of her life. Jasmine envisions MULU as the haven where guests can relax, experience different cultures, appreciate the true meaning of good food and the arts, and more importantly, to take time to savor the gifts of our heritage. She is very proud to have the two best chefs in her eyes to join her together to make each and every one of MULU's guests to feel loved through their creation of hutong cuisine. Occasionally, Jasmine cooks her famous laksa Sarawak and Taiwanese beef noodles, when she is not too busy working on her film and reality show projects which also relates to food.

Jasmine是MULU穆禄的创办人,也有人说她是穆禄的灵魂人物。生于马来西亚最多原始森林的砂涝越,她热爱生活,对大自然的钟爱以及艺术美食的热忱是天生的。有人笑她上午做建筑、下午忙影视、晚上做餐饮,但是是真的。她说为了证明每一个看似没相关的产业其实就是可以一环一环的扣起来。穆禄logo上的雪羚羊其实就是母亲英文名字启发,当作给母亲的礼物,所以很自然的,她希望每个来到穆禄的客人都可以在小院里边通过环境、美食感受到满满的爱。她也忙于策划中马文化交流活动促进两国的长期友好关系。当她不忙于工作时,Jasmine会亲自煮最正宗的砂涝越叻沙(Sarawak laksa)她现在最以为荣的是有了Tiff和凯加入团队里,因为在她眼里他们是餐饮界最棒的。

Chef Jett | Sous-chef

Chef Tianmu | Chef de Partie

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