An unparalleled Southeast Asian dining experience set in Beijing

Mulu Global Overview

MULU, named after a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Malaysian Borneo Sarawak, which boasts of caves and karst foundation in a mountainous equatorial rainforest, shows our love for mother nature. Apart from being nature’s gift of art, these stones are also witnesses of the ages and are hence an integral part of our history.

Hutongs are one with the history of Beijing. A slow stroll through these enchanting small alleys can bring one back to the scenes and stories of a much cherished past.

At MULU, we want to cherish and celebrate the richness of old beijing and hutong culture left behind by the ancestors, our love for food and mother nature, our passion for

creating the most original dishes, and most importantly, to share with you the true meaning of comfort food cooked from heart and soul, within a cozy environment which you would forget about being in one of the world's largest cities. And Yes! We promise you can see stars and moon on most nights.


穆禄王府融入马来西亚砂涝越传统文化及联合国教科文组织世界自然遗产MULU国家公园的元素,结合现代时尚及传统文化的理念而设计。餐厅入口以大型石头作为穆禄logo的雪羚羊的石雕为主导,中间的吧台象征MULU国家公园知名的Pinnacles石柱连接到MULU Peak的旋转式酒吧。这将是餐厅的吉祥代表。