An unparalleled Southeast Asian dining experience set in Beijing

Mulu Experience

An unparalleled Southeast Asian dining experience set in Beijing, MULU started as a reservation-only private dining in 2013 at one of Beijing’s oldest hutong, before turning into one of the most sought-after sui generis.

Our Mantra

In today’s society, we constantly look to save time but never stop to savor it. MULU, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and world-renowned Malaysian National Park in Borneo Sarawak, boasts of splendid caves and gorgeous quartz formations in a mountainous equatorial rainforest like no other.

Apart from being nature’s gift of art, these stones bear witness of time immemorial, hence are an integral part of our history. The elegant and confident shammy/chamois is used as the logo to portray our love for Mother Nature and to remind us not to take our surroundings for granted. We are committed to preserving and promoting the conservation of nature in the most harmonious and sustainable way possible.

In this unique experience, we invite you to partake in an enthralling journey back through time, through every enchanting corner, taking in the unique architecture and to be enlightened by the stories of MULU.

At MULU, we cherish and celebrate the remaining delicate fragments of Southeast Asian and Chinese history. And we want to share this precious heritage with you. Selamat Menjamu Selera! Bon Appetit!

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Mulu WF Central

Mulu WF Central is at the heart of the Wangfujing Area, which is just a stone throw away from the Forbidden City.

Here is the Baidu Map that will take you to Mulu WF Central:
401C, 4F WF Central, No. 269, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District
Beijing, China 100009